About Us

Morris Etc. grew out of the 4,562 days its founders, Amy & Brett Morris, have spent together. The couple met at a wedding in Boston back in 1998 – an Australian best man and a bridesmaid best described as a straight-up New Yorker. Their lives since then have taken them through a myriad of experiences and destinations, as all the while they searched for an enterprise worthy of their collected passion.

And so now, operating from their home in Ft. Greene, Brooklyn, they bring you Morris Etc. Combining their talents and their yin & yang synergy to build a company that is both a vocation and next logical step in their journey together.

The pair brings considerable talents to the table. Brett has penned copy for the likes of Condé Nast, Virgin, and the Cohen Design Centers, while Amy, in her role as a media consultant, has teamed with a vast array of industry stalwarts including domino, Architectural Digest & Elle Décor. Amy has also dabbled in interior design, tackling everything from West Village apartments to Catskills Cabins to Peruvian retreats.

So what can you expect from Morris Etc.? Well, the usual claims of premium quality, inspired design and attentive customer service obviously apply, but I guess the best way to say it is this: We’d like to help you fill your home with rooms that you can savor. Places where you feel inspired – and want to spend endless amounts of time. The foundation for a very good life…

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